How long will it take to write my custom song?

It usually takes between 7-10 days for me to write a quality song for you. After that the recording process in the studio may take an additional week. Let me know if you need the song for a certain date or special occasion and I will do my best to complete it in time. To date, we have never missed an important deadline.

Can you write custom lyrics using the music for one of your songs on the website?

Yes absolutely! Let me know which song's music you would like for your song and I'll write and sing new lyrics that tell your love story. In this case you will own the new lyrics, but will still own the rights to the music.

Can you email me the MP3 for my favorite new song I just heard on the radio?

I would love to do that, but unfortunately I'd have to buy the song first before sending it to you, OR break the law myself and download it from an unsavory source. It wasn't too long ago that we had to spend $ 12-$15 to buy a CD with 10 songs when there was only one or two songs we liked on the album. Now you can buy any song you want for $ 0.99 - $ 1.29 and there's really no reason not to buy it. Or if you just want to play it over and over again without buying it, do like my daughters do and play the same song on YouTube 5000x until I make them stop   :)

Why aren't there many questions here on the Frequently Asked Questions list?

We get a lot of questions here at, but unfortunately we forget to write most of them down. We'll try to make a habit of writing them down from now on and we'll add them to the list as they come in.